Jumpstart Real-Time Projects with Apache Spark

Real-time analytics and fast big data processing are now a reality with Apache Spark and Talend 6. The Talend Real-Time Big Data Sandbox is the easiest, fastest and most powerful way to get data into Spark, Hadoop and NoSQL.

With the Talend Sandbox, you can jumpstart real-time streaming and operational big data projects such as Internet of Things integration, dynamic pricing, online recommendation engines, fraud detection, and more. You’ll speed big data adoption using a preconfigured big data integration virtual environment that includes a step-by-step Big Data Insights Cookbook.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Apache Spark, its architecture and benefits
  • How to jumpstart analytics using the Talend Real-Time Big Data Sandbox
  • Steps to implement a real-time offer recommendation scenario using Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka and NoSQL

Check this link – http://www.talend.com/resources/webinars/jumpstart-real-time-projects-with-apache-spark?aliId=246576049

Credits  Talend

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