Yahoo Hack Taiwan: It's a Wrap!


Congratulations to all the hackers who participated in Yahoo Hack Taiwan last month. Over 200 developers and designers were chosen from more than 700 applicants to participate in this year’s event. Hackers divided into 56 teams to create a diverse array of apps. As with all other Yahoo Hack events, Yahoo Hack Taiwan provided plenty of hospitality, including good food, drinks, ping pong, and other details that kept the energy at a high level.


At the end of 24 hours of hacking, 56 hacks were produced and of those, the following winners were chosen:

First Prize: Good Lock – a text message storage and retrieval Web app for reducing distractions and increasing user productivity. If you know Mandarin, check out the hack demo video for more details on the hack. Technologies used included HTML5, font-awesome, iCulture Open API, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Yahoo! pure, Flickr, Rails, and YQL. Watch the screencast.

Second Prize: YA TAIKO! – Google Chrome extension that helps you clean away your Yahoo mailbox immediately and integrating a Taiko-like rhythm game with achievement system. Here is the Ya Taiko screencast in Mandarin. Technologies used included the Yahoo Mail Web Service API and the Facebook Feed Dialog API. Watch the screencast.                     

Honorable Mentions went to two photo hacks that used the Flickr API: FotoFlick and Leak Motion.

Best Student Creative Award: Flickr Land

TMI Creative Award: DuDuBox

Taipei City Government Open Data Application Award: Hanzi Fusion Reactor, iWaiter, and Pulse City Voice

iCulture Art Creative Pioneer Award: ARTOUR

iCulture Art Breakthrough Award: Flickr Land

Hackers’ Choice: Congress Cinema

Best Design Award: iOlder – a volunteer recruitment platform to enable people to help the elderly. Technologies used included iOS.


Yahoo Hack Taiwan rounds out a whirlwind year for Yahoo Hack events that have happened in London, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Hyderabad, and Sunnyvale. We’d like to thank all of the people involved in making Yahoo Hack Taiwan possible, including the organizers, judges, and of course, the hackers.

Until next time!


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Introducing HTTPS for Yahoo Mail APIs

by Shiv Shankar, Product Manager, Yahoo Mail

As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our users’ security, we recently announced that we would make all Yahoo Mail connections encrypted with HTTPS by January 8, 2014.

This means that we’re introducing HTTPS for our Yahoo Mail APIs. All developers using our Yahoo Mail APIs will need to make these update to their API settings by December 18, 2013:

Protocol: HTTPS
Port: 443

The domain name ( will remain the same.

All non-HTTP API access to Yahoo Mail will be shutdown on December 18, 2013. If you don’t update to HTTPS, your users will not be able to access their Yahoo Accounts via your service.

Thank you for helping Yahoo Mail make the shift to HTTPS.

UPDATE: We have extended this deadline. All non-HTTP API access to Yahoo Mail will now be shut down on 24th March, 2014. 


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